• Bioprojects S.A.R.L. is a leader in the branding and private label industry. Located in Hazmieh-Lebanon, “BioProjects” is a leader distributor in the Lebanese and M.E markets, dealing with major distribution channels, including major supermarkets, electronics marts, retail chains specializing in many industries such as : Marketing, project development, government bids, real estates, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Hygiene, contracting, foods, electronics, eco friendly products, environmental protection, toys, private label manufacturing, car parts, closeouts, clothing and much more . Bioprojects S.A.R.L is also the exclusive distributor and owner of many trade marks and DRTV products, sold on television directly to consumers . The company is proud to stand behind its services and products, offering warranty, excellent customer service and after sales services on all business transactions .We welcome your inquiry at anytime, hoping to add value to your mission by providing excellence in customer satisfaction and 100% accuracy in servicing your needs.



Rabih Badreddine is a seasoned and highly accomplished business leader with a passion for driving positive change. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Badreddine has established a reputation for excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment for success.


Graphic design

Jessy is an experienced and imaginative graphic designer known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering awe-inspiring designs. With a passion for art and a keen eye for detail, Karam has established themselves as a driving force in the world of graphic design. 




Mahmoud is responsible for implementing workflow procedures based on directions from our CEO. His duties include supervising employees during day-to-day tasks, providing customer support in escalated situations and managing the overall workflow of a workplace.



Jason is a valuable asset to our company, who is still navigating the complex world of computer science. He is committed to ensuring our team’s needs when it comes to anything technology related. Jason has the ability to juggle multiple tasks efficiently without compromising quality.

Lyda Rammah


Lyda is our trusted head of accounting managing any challenges that might arise within the accounting department. Having graduated CPA, Lyda is heading towards the corporate world while also handling direct relations of the government’s financial operations.