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Bathroom Coating 100g-NanoFormula:

Bathroom/WC Sanitary Solution, belongs to products for bathrooms and toilets that are not detergents.  As well, they do not contain abrasive particles, aggressive acids and alkalis, do not damage surfaces. Besides, this product is useful for tiles and sanitary fixtures from the ceramics, chrome steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass. The product can also be useful to maintain glass in shower cabins.

Benefits of this product are:

  1. As a result, it reduces the likelihood of plaque formation on surfaces.
  2. Moreover, moisture does not stagnate and also it reduces the risk of spreading infections.
  3. Additionally, it improves general hygiene is improved.
  4. So, bathroom and toilet products prevent the formation of salt drips and deposits.

Ingredients of this product are:

Products are a mixture of liquid polymers present in nano-dispersed components. However,  liquids form an invisible nano-protective coating on sanitary surfaces that indeed prevents corrosion and surface contamination.  Yet, surfaces that you protected acquire water and dirt repellent properties.

However, applying an excessive amount of the product to the surface, especially without removing the excess one from the surfaces makes polishing difficult and impairs the self-cleaning of  surfaces that you treated. Therefore, you should apply these product on the basis of the principle “the less quantity is the better the result.

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