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Wood Premier Solution

Wood Premier Solution,  is a non-toxic, water-based protective coating using nanotechnology and natural dyes.  Besides, the main nano component is silica which penetrates into the wood and forms a durable permeable/breathable protective coating.  As well, the protective properties continue increasing after application and reach a maximum level in about a year. In addition, it is a milky color emulsion with nano-dispersed silica particles.

Benefits of this product are:

As well, this solution is a two-component, all season water repellent product for the protection of all types (unpainted by polymer paints) of natural wood, plywood, chipboard etc. Moreover, it is useful for protection of decks, terraces, wooden constructions. Also, houses, cladding, fences, facades, garden furniture, saunas, flower pots, greenhouses etc.

So, how to use Wood Premier Solution ?

Please shake or agitate the product well before use.  As well, apply with a brush or roller onto clean surface during dry weather when the temperature is above 5 ° C. Consumption is 100 g / m2. It is also preferable to use protective gloves, glasses and a mask if there is a possibility of splashing. However, drying time is from 4 to 5 hours. Do not pour any residue back into the canister. Also, avoid the contamination of watercourses and drains. After coating, clean the tools with water and detergents.

However, product is applied for waterproofing of the CleverCOAT wood PREMIER. Applying CleverCOAT wood FINISH without PREMIER will not form a strong protective coating and will peel off in a short time.

Warnings Of Usage:

Keep container closed. Also, do not allow the product to freeze. Shelf life is 2 years from the manufactured date (on the packaging).


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