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Car Coating Exterior 200ml-NanoFormula

Car Coating Exterior , polishes for vehicle exterior that improve the appearance and protects the car body from aggressive external influences. As well, exterior polish products not only protect the paintwork, but also plastic, metal, rubber and chrome parts.

Features Of this product are:

  • Viscous, milky liquid with a pleasant odor.
  • In fact, you can use it for cars of any age and brand.
  • Also, suitable for northern latitudes and for all seasons.
  • You can indeed easily apply the products are indeed easily to the surface, removes minor scratches.
  • Yet, does not contain aggressive or irritating ingredients.
  • It takes 15 – 20 minutes to protect a middle class car.
  • And cost of funds for one middle-class car is about 30 grams.

So, does this product work?

As well, car exterior polishes are a liquid polymer mix with nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides included . Besides, both nano particles and the polymer work effectively in composition. However, polymer fills in microcracks, scratches, irregularities in the paintwork and visually eliminates them after you applied protective polishing product for car exterior.  Moreover, it rectories depth and color saturation of the car exterior.

In addition, the composition of car exterior products form an ultra-thin layer on the surface that protects the car from salt, road reagents, acids and alkalis, ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental influences.

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