Car Coating Set

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Coating Car Set

Coating Car Set is a set who contain internal, external and glass bottles of coating

Car Exterior Solution

In fact, Car Exterior Solution, improves the appearance and protect the car body from aggressive external influences. As well, exterior polish products not only protect the paintwork, but also plastic, metal, rubber and chrome parts.

Features of this product are:

  • As well, viscous, milky liquid with a pleasant odor.
  • Additionally, you can use it for cars of any age and brand.
  • Moreover, suitable for northern latitudes and for all seasons.
  • You can also easily apply the products to the surface, removes minor scratches.
  • Does not contain aggressive or irritating ingredients.
  • It takes even 15 – 20 minutes to protect a middle class car.
  • Cost of funds for one middle-class car is about 30 grams.

Ingredients and usage way of this product are:

In fact, car exterior polishes are a liquid polymer mix with nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides included . However, both nano particles and the polymer work effectively in composition. Polymer fills in microcracks, scratches, irregularities in the paintwork and visually eliminates them after application protective polishing product for car exterior. Besides, it restories depth and color saturation of the car exterior.

In addition, the composition of car exterior products form an ultra-thin layer on the surface that protects the car from salt. Also road reagents, acids and alkalis, ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental influences.

Car Interior Solution set

In fact, Car Interior Solution is particularly made for usage and protection over the elements of your car’s interior: Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Chrome surfaces excluding Leather and Textiles.

However, it is a composition of liquid polymers, enriched with nano-particles. The substance is ecologically clean and harmless to humans and nature. When applying it, you do not have to use gloves or any safety items for protection.

Benefits of this product are:

  1. As well, visually removes micro-scratches and the small bumps over the surfaces.
  2. Additionally,  significantly improves the appearance of the processed surfaces.
  3. Moreover, reduces the accumulation of dust.
  4. Besides, the processed surfaces become more anti-static.
  5. It stops the spreading of infections and improves the general hygiene in the car.
  6. Also, reduces the bad effects of UV-rays, especially over the plastic elements.
  7. And, even protects the materials from harm over their colors.
  8. However, extremely lowered is the need of usage of degreasing agents and the costs for purchasing them as well as chemical and abrasive cleaning substances.
  9. Cleaning the processed surfaces requires only a wet microfiber towel and it takes a couple of times less effort to be done. Unlike usually, now you also spend a lot less time.

So, how to use Car Interior Solution?

  • Before the first application, the surfaces must be perfectly clean. Wait for them to dry out completely or dry them up yourself.
  • First, Apply a small part of the microfiber towel’s mossy side. Yet, do not put too big amount of the product, because this will not lead to a better result. For an optimal effect, you need about 1 gram per square meter. As well, every additional amount is going to stay on the microfiber towel, which means that it will go to waste.
  • Equally apply the product over the surface you would like to cover. Also, wait from 3 to 5 minutes and then, use a clean area of the microfiber towel to remove the unneeded amount from the processed surface.
  • Besides, polish with the smooth microfiber towel.
  • During the first 2 hours after the appliance, do not get the surfaces wet and avoid mechanical impacts ( make sure they are not rubbed by a towel or scratched for an example ) over them.
  • However, the substance polymerizes completely 12 hours after application.
  • Car Glass Solution set

    In fact, Car Glass Solution ensures the cleanliness and transparency of the glass in all weather improving visibility when driving, and reduce eye fatigue. However, hydrophobic coatings prevent the adhesion of dirt, insects, oil film on car glass and accumulation of rain drops and snow.

    So, how does this product work?

    As well, Hydrophobic coatings of car glass are a composition of liquid polymers (oligomers) with nano-dispersed particles inside.  However, composition with polymer has high fluidity. It spreads easily over the surface, fills in irregularities. Also eliminates glass optical defects formed by micro-scratches, chips and other defects.

    Besides, coatings for glass create a smooth surface without glare and streaks, which increases driving safety (for example, in the oncoming light of cars), allows also following the road without stress. And increases the driver’s reaction in an emergency.

    In addition, formulations do not contain volatile components. The all amount of product that is applied to the surface forming of a hydrophobic coating on glass without evaporation.

    However, you must remove the excess, otherwise it is not possible to obtain a durable protective layer on the glass. Yet, an increase in the consumption of a hydrophobic composition for glass not only does not lead to the desired result. But on the contrary — necessary apply additional efforts for removing the excess. In this case, the formed protective glass coating is of low quality and less durable.

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